Many anti-Israeli protesters arrested near Israeli Embassy in Amman

Jordanian Police Arrest Dozens of Protesters Attempting to Storm Israeli Embassy as Anti-Israeli Tensions Escalate

In Amman, Jordanian police arrested dozens of protesters who attempted to storm the Israeli Embassy. According to Reuters, eyewitnesses reported that the police used batons to disperse the demonstrators. For three consecutive evenings, thousands of Jordanians have participated in anti-Israeli demonstrations near the Israeli Embassy.

The protesters are demanding action from the Jordanian government to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They are calling for an end to all agreements with Israel, including the Wadi Arba agreement and the gas agreement. Additionally, they are requesting a ban on land deliveries of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a prohibition on vegetable exports.

On March 26 in Aqaba, another anti-Israeli demonstration took place where participants carried portraits of Yahya Sinouar and Hamas flags. These protests reflect growing tensions and calls for action against Israeli policies in the region. The situation remains volatile as both protesters and authorities navigate the complex political landscape.


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