Jamal Murray makes unexpected appearance at unified basketball game for Colorado students

Jamal Murray Steps Out of the Spotlight to Coach Students in Unified Basketball Game: A Story of Inclusivity and Giving Back

Jamal Murray, the star player for the Nuggets, took on a different role on Tuesday as he coached students at North Middle School during a unified basketball game against Aurora Hills Middle School. Unified sports provide opportunities for students with and without disabilities to participate in school sports.

During the game, Murray helped raise $5,000 for UCHealth, which supports children with disabilities. One of the participants was Felipe Avalos, who showcased his basketball skills with a huge smile on his face as he danced on the court. His brother Johnathan also participated and expressed how much fun they were having together.

Murray praised Felipe’s abilities and emphasized the importance of teamwork and having fun. The focus of the game was not on winning or losing but on enjoying the experience. Aurora Public Schools received a generous donation of $5,000 from UCHealth to support all unified sports in the district, and Murray matched the donation to further support the cause.

Reflecting on his participation, Murray stated that he wants to inspire kids and teach them about giving back. The donation will be used to purchase equipment for all unified sports in the district, benefiting students and promoting teamwork and inclusion in school sports.


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