Chelsea discovers new top contenders in quest for Mauricio Pochettino’s replacement

Innovative vs. Traditional: Chelsea’s Search for a New Manager

Chelsea are currently seeking a new manager to lead the team into the next season. Two top contenders for the position are Enzo Maresca and Roberto De Zerbi. While Maresca, who recently led Leicester City to win the Championship, is favored by the club’s football hierarchy, co-owner Behdad Eghbali is impressed with De Zerbi’s personality.

Kieran McKenna, who is currently managing Ipswich Town, is also in the running for the position. However, there are concerns about whether he is ready to take on the pressure of managing one of the Premier League’s biggest clubs. Some believe that Chelsea’s ongoing structural changes would make it more suitable for someone like Maresca, who would come in solely as a head coach.

De Zerbi, on the other hand, is seen as a more challenging personality, which may have contributed to his departure from Brighton. However, there is respect for his past achievements and innovative playing style. Chelsea’s ownership is keen to stay ahead of the game and build a team for the future, which is why De Zerbi’s approach is appealing to them.

While Thomas Frank of Brentford is also being considered, he is currently behind Maresca and De Zerbi in the race for the Chelsea manager position. The club is focusing on finding a manager who can bring success and innovation to the team in the long term.


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