Hungary’s top diplomat warns that presence of Western troops in Ukraine could lead to ‘world war’

Hungarian PM Orbán’s Unique Position in NATO-Russia Conflict: Keeps Communication Channels Open with Putin Despite Criticism”.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has maintained communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago. In fact, he even congratulated Putin on his election win last month, which was widely criticized by most Western democracies as rigged.

This week, Orbán spoke out about the possibility of NATO member states sending troops to Ukraine and expressed concern about its potential security threats. He emphasized that words matter and reiterated Hungary’s stance on not sending weapons or soldiers to the conflict-torn country.

Szijjártó’s comments come after French President Emmanuel Macron made a statement last month that Western ground troops in Ukraine should not be “ruled out.” This statement caused panic among NATO allies and received immediate pushback from most European leaders. However, not all European leaders condemned Macron’s message.

Despite the criticism, Szijjártó maintained that Hungary keeps communication channels open with Russia and that Putin and Orbán can have discussions at any time if there is a need for interaction between the two leaders. It remains to be seen how this will impact the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.


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