Hamas Embraces UN Security Council Decision and Offers to Participate in Prisoner Exchange Process

HAMAS Calls for Permanent Ceasefire as Ramadan Approaches: A Commitment to Ending Violence in the Gaza Strip

The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) has responded to the UN Security Council’s demand for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip before Ramadan ends. In a statement released by the Palestinian Information Center, HAMAS emphasized the need for a permanent ceasefire that would lead to Israeli troops withdrawing from Gaza and Palestinians returning home.

The organization expressed its willingness to participate in a swift prisoner exchange process to secure the release of prisoners on both sides. Additionally, HAMAS called on the UN Security Council to exert pressure on Israel to adhere to the ceasefire and halt what it described as genocide against the Palestinian people.

The statement reflects HAMAS’ commitment to ending violence and finding a lasting solution to the conflict in the region. Various profiles and links following the content provide diverse topics such as alumni associations, online gaming resources, environmental sustainability, and recreational hobbies for readers interested in exploring different interests.


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