March 26, 2024 High School Sports Scoreboard by K8 Sports

Greene County Tech Sweeps Paragould in Conference Baseball and Softball Matchups

On Tuesday, there were several conference matchups in baseball and softball. Greene County Tech came out on top in both baseball and softball against Paragould, with scores of 4-3 and 10-0, respectively. Valley View had a strong showing in baseball with a 14-2 victory over Marion, while Marion narrowly defeated Valley View 3-2 in softball.

In boys soccer, LR Catholic defeated Jonesboro 2-0. Meanwhile, Searcy took the win in both baseball (8-4) and softball (4-3) against Nettleton. Batesville had a dominant 12-0 victory over West Memphis in baseball, but West Memphis came back with a 12-2 win in softball. Walnut Ridge also had strong showings in both baseball (11-0) and softball (12-0) against Mountain View. Newport defeated Tuckerman 9-1 in baseball, while Tuckerman took the win in softball with a score of 7-3.

Riverside had victories over Westside (8-2 in baseball, 15-0 in softball) and Viola split their games with Calico Rock in baseball (15-0 victory) and softball (17-15 loss). In summary, there were some exciting conference matchups across various sports on Tuesday, with Greene County Tech dominating both baseball and softball against Paragould.


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