Android 15 to block app downloads for outdated OS versions

Google Upgrades App Downloading Process to Boost Security and Compatibility on Android 15

Android is updating its app downloading process to enhance security and compatibility with newer versions of the operating system. With Android 15, Google is raising the threshold for parallel downloading of apps targeted at outdated versions of the mobile operating system. Apps must now target at least Android 7.0 Nougat to be downloaded in parallel, which means that any attempt to download an app targeting an older version of Android will prompt a warning dialog about the security risks associated with the app lacking the latest security features.

Google has been making changes to improve security on Android platforms. For instance, Android 6.0 introduced significant improvements in battery life and stricter privacy requirements for app permissions. Now, Android 15 is introducing new changes that aim to further enhance security and compatibility with newer versions of Android. The threshold has been raised to level 24 equivalent to SDK level 23, which was introduced with Android 14. This means that apps must now be compatible with at least Android 7.0 Nougat before they can be downloaded in parallel.

The preview version of Android 15 Developer introduces this change as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to improve security and ensure a better user experience for Android users. By setting higher compatibility thresholds, Google aims to protect users from potential security risks associated with outdated app versions and maintain the integrity of the Android ecosystem.

Overall, these changes signify a significant step forward in enhancing security on Android platforms and ensuring that users have access to the latest features and updates on their devices. As Google continues to work on improving the platform, we can expect more changes like these in the future that will benefit users and keep them safe online.


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