Deal Finalized with Deutsche Bahn

German Train Strikes Resolved: GDL and Deutsche Bahn Agree to Reduce Shift Worker Hours

After six failed attempts at moderation, a court dispute, and months of collective bargaining, train travelers in Germany can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the GDL and Deutsche Bahn have reached an agreement. The details of this agreement will be revealed on Tuesday morning by Claus Weselsky, the head of the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL), and Martin Seiler, the railway’s Human Resources Director.

The main issue in this collective bargaining round was the GDL’s demand for a reduction in weekly working hours for shift workers from 38 to 35 hours while maintaining wages. The railway had offered 36 hours with full wage compensation in two steps until 2028, but the union rejected this proposal. However, after much debate and negotiation, both parties have come to an agreement that will benefit everyone involved.

The strikes carried out by GDL disrupted rail traffic and caused significant inconvenience for commuters, travelers, and industries relying on freight trains. While the railway criticized these actions as excessive, they were ultimately upheld in court. Following the conflict, Transport Minister Volker Wissing suggested potential law changes to prevent such disputes from happening again in the future.

Overall, this agreement brings relief to train travelers in Germany and resolves a dispute that has caused significant disruptions in rail services for many months now.


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