Woman in Lee’s Summit Founded Business a Decade Ago as a Result of the Royals

From Royals Fan to Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Story of KC Swagger

The Kansas City Royals opened their season at Kauffman Stadium on Thursday, a date that holds special significance for Gina Siebel. As a devoted fan of the team, she traces the origin of her T-shirt design business back to 2015 when the Royals’ success inspired her to create her own designs.

Watching the Royals during their thrilling run to the World Series in 2014, Siebel felt a surge of pride and decided to make a T-shirt featuring the word “Swagger” with the “W” designed like the Royals crown logo. The response was overwhelmingly positive, propelling her into the world of business.

What began in the basement of her home has now blossomed into a thriving, women-owned-and-operated warehouse in Lee’s Summit. KC Swagger, as the business is known, specializes in printing merchandise for local schools, club sports, and professional teams of all sizes and ages. The company has already prepared a lineup of Royals sweatshirts and T-shirts for the upcoming season, with plans to create more designs inspired by new team additions like Bobby Witt Jr. and incoming pitchers.

Although KC Swagger has experienced success with designs for other teams like the Chiefs and KC Current, Siebel remains grateful to the Kansas City Royals for giving her confidence to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Regardless of wins or losses, Siebel believes that the team will always hold a special place in her heart as it embodies the spirit of community and support that fuels her business.


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