The Harrowing Tale of Amit Soussana: An Israeli Hostage’s Sexual Abuse in a Hamas Terrorist Attack in Gaza

From Kidnapping to Revelation: Amit Soussana’s Testimony Shines a Light on Gaza Conflict.

In late October, Israeli lawyer Amit Soussana was kidnapped from her home by at least 10 armed men and taken to Gaza. During her captivity, she was beaten and mistreated in various locations in the territory. For 55 days, Soussana endured physical and sexual violence at the hands of her captors before being freed along with other hostages during a ceasefire in late November.

After being released, Soussana spoke publicly about her ordeal, detailing the invasive questions her guard asked about her personal life and forcing her into degrading and violent situations. Her account sparked controversy and disbelief from Hamas officials, who denied any sexual abuse against hostages despite a United Nations report confirming its presence during the October attack.

Soussana’s story has shed light on the plight of those still held captive in Gaza and raised awareness about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Through her courage in speaking out, she aims to bring attention to the horrors faced by innocent individuals caught in the crossfire. Despite Hamas’ acknowledgment of the need to investigate the allegations, they questioned the veracity of Soussana’s story and criticized the media for their coverage of the issue.


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