How Anne Hathaway fell out of favor with the world

From Criticism to Celebration: Anne Hathaway’s Journey to Overcoming Negative Publicity in Hollywood

Anne Hathaway reflects on the hostile criticism she faced during the press tour for her film Mothers’ Instinct ten years ago. Despite her initial success, she was accused of being too enthusiastic and earnest, while also being labeled as inauthentic and entitled. These accusations led to missed job opportunities for her.

Hollywood was in a precarious state during this time, with movements like #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite gaining traction. Hathaway’s online persona became toxic, affecting her career negatively. However, she credits Christopher Nolan for supporting her during a low point in her career by casting her in Interstellar. Despite the negative publicity, Nolan believed in her talent and did not let it sway his decision-making process.


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