Ex-NFL Quarterback Vince Young Engages in Altercation at Houston Bar

Former NFL Quarterback Vince Young’s Unprecedented Bar Fight: An Unraveling of the Story Behind the Video

In February 2021, a viral video captured former NFL quarterback and UT alum Vince Young involved in a bar fight at Tokyo Joe’s in Houston. The altercation took place with Young seen arguing with a group of people before things escalated with more individuals getting in his face. The situation intensified when someone threw a drink, leading to a scuffle with others joining in and onlookers observing the chaos.

In the video, Young was punched by one of the men involved in the fight, causing him to fall to the ground briefly before getting back up. Despite attempts to understand the exact reason for the scuffle, it remains unclear. On February 4th around 10 p.m., staff members from the bar called 911 to report the incident. Despite this, the manager did not want to press charges and only sought to document it.

Young was a standout football player at UT from 2002 to 2004 and one of the school’s most celebrated former athletes. In 2005, he was runner-up for the Heisman Trophy and played six seasons in the NFL. Despite this unfortunate incident, Young’s legacy as a talented athlete remains intact.


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