Ferrari Teams Up with SK On to Advance Cell Technology

Ferrari Partners with SK On to Revolutionize Battery Cell Technology: A Collaboration for the Future of Electric Vehicles

SK On, an electric vehicle battery maker affiliated with SK Group, has announced a partnership with Italian sports car maker Ferrari to enhance innovation in battery cell technology. The collaboration aims to explore new avenues and potential solutions for advancing battery cell technology.

During a memorandum of understanding ceremony at SK’s headquarters building in Seoul, SK On CEO Lee Seok-hee and Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna signed the agreement. Both companies plan to leverage their respective expertise, expanding their technological collaboration and sharing valuable insights.

Ferrari’s CEO shared high expectations for the partnership, noting that collaboration between companies and suppliers can drive shared progress through shared ideas. This collaboration with SK On is seen as an opportunity to explore new frontiers and ignite the energy of shared ideas.

SK On has been providing battery cells for Ferrari’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicles since 2019, including models like the SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider. The batteries have also powered Ferrari’s latest PHEV models, the 296 GTB and 296 GTS, which were launched in 2021 and 2022, respectively. This partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing battery cell technology for electric vehicles.


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