Opposition candidate closing in on victory in Senegal elections

Faye’s Close Victory in Senegal’s Presidential Elections: What Does it Mean for the Country’s Future?

In the first round of Senegal’s presidential elections, held after years of social unrest and political crisis, the anti-system candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye appeared close to a victory. Four other candidates congratulated Faye on Sunday after observing the trends in the vote count. The only female candidate, Anta Babacar Ngom, took to social media to congratulate Faye on his apparent victory, along with Dthi Fall, Papa Djibril Fall, and Mamadou Lamine Diallo.

Despite no official results yet being available until the end of the week, hundreds of supporters gathered at Faye’s campaign headquarters to celebrate his apparent victory. Meanwhile, Ba’s headquarters had a more subdued atmosphere with a few dozen supporters. Nearly 7.3 million people were called to the polls to elect the successor of outgoing president Macky Sall in a country that is considered one of the most stable in the region.

The ruling coalition supporting Ba is certain there will be a runoff if no candidate obtains an absolute majority. Senegal has strong relations with the West while Russia is strengthening its position in surrounding countries. The country has recently experienced instability through several coups d’état. The last-minute postponement of the elections initially scheduled for February led to violence and uncertainty before finally setting them for March 24 during Ramadan month when it was reduced into two weeks long campaign period that was pivotal moment in country’s democracy journey.

The incumbent president did not run for re-election, leaving room for candidates like Ba and Faye to tackle persistent issues like poverty, unemployment, debt, and migration. The unrest in 2021 between government and opposition tested country’s stability furthermore this election was significant as it was first time that voting centers opened their doors outside regular working hours including Sundays which enabled more people participate in voting process regardless their employment status or daily routines .

Faye who is considered as candidate of system change and left-wing Pan-Africanism aims to bring new era if elected with promises made during campaign


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