Get a Sneak Peek: Da Vinci Science Center Showcases Exhibit before Grand Opening

Exploring the Wonders of the Human Body: A Sneak Peek at the Da Vinci Science Center’s New Downtown Allentown Location

The Da Vinci Science Center is set to open a new downtown Allentown location in just a few weeks. Before the official opening, 69 News got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the permanent exhibits, including “My Body.” This interactive exhibit, in partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network, features engaging displays that explore topics such as exercise, muscles, circulation, and brain function. Visitors can climb through a stomach, feel the vibrations of a heart, and learn about the human brain.

Dr. Edward Norris from LVHN emphasized the importance of understanding how our bodies work at all stages of life. The exhibit is designed to help people of all ages learn more about their bodies and how they change as they grow. This immersive experience is not just for students; it is open to visitors of all ages.

In addition to the “My Body” exhibit, there are displays that address more challenging topics, such as colon cancer. Jason Szep, a senior technical trainer at Olympus, spoke about the importance of discussing colonoscopies with family members. By making these conversations more accessible and engaging, the hope is to encourage people to talk more openly about their health and family history.

The Da Vinci Science Center will officially open on May 22nd, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 21st at the new location in the PPL Pavilion. Tickets are currently available for purchase.


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