Barton College Grabs $3.7 Million Grant for Health Sciences

Expanding Healthcare Education in Eastern North Carolina: Barton College Receives $3.7 Million from State Lawmakers

North Carolina Senator Buck Newton and Representative Ken Fontenot visited Barton College on Friday, March 22 to celebrate the development of the School of Health Sciences on campus. During their visit, a ceremonial check presentation of $3.7 million was made to college leadership, board members, faculty, and students.

Dr. Douglas N. Searcy, president of Barton College, expressed his gratitude for the partnership with state legislators and emphasized the importance of advancing healthcare teaching and workforce development in Wilson and Eastern North Carolina. The College is excited about the support of community partners as they work towards implementing new healthcare programs.

The funding secured by state lawmakers will primarily go towards an innovative health science facility at Barton College, featuring a simulation hospital and teaching facility. This initiative is a direct response to the increasing demand for healthcare and mental health professionals and resources in the community.

Eastern North Carolina is facing shortages in nurses, nurse educators, and primary care providers. At the same time, there’s a rising need for access to healthcare, mental health, and substance misuse professionals. As the only baccalaureate-master’s level institution offering healthcare degrees in Wilson County, Barton College is well-positioned to address these challenges and help prepare more students to enter the healthcare workforce.

Senator Newton commended Barton College for its commitment to addressing critical issues facing our communities today. He emphasized that it’s essential to invest in education that prepares future leaders to make a difference in people’s lives.

Representative Fontenot also praised Barton College’s efforts to improve access to quality healthcare services in Eastern North Carolina. He highlighted how this investment will not only benefit current students but also create opportunities for future generations.

In conclusion, Barton College’s School of Health Sciences is set to receive funding from state lawmakers that will enable them to develop innovative programs that meet the needs of our communities today while preparing future leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.


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