Rock Talk: Youth Sexual Health Initiative in Kodiak

Educating Kodiak’s Youth: A Look into the Initiative”.

Kodiak Youth Sexual Health Initiative: A Closer Look

Talk of the Rock host Jared Griffin this week sat down with Payton Callahan and Mikylla Madamba to discuss the Kodiak Youth Sexual Health Initiative. The initiative’s program and goals were highlighted, and viewers were encouraged to visit their Instagram page @kyshi_ak for more information about their services.

During another segment of the show, Jared Griffin spoke with Ellamy Tiller, Outreach Coordinator, to learn more about sexual health initiatives and outreach efforts in the Kodiak community. The topics covered in this segment were not specified in the provided content.

Overall, this episode of Talk of the Rock focused on important conversations about sexual health initiatives and outreach efforts in the Kodiak area. Viewers can listen to the full episode for more details and insights into these topics.


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