85 percent of Italians make at least one online purchase per month

Economic Challenges and Resilience: Insights from Idealo’s Italian E-commerce 2024 Report

The recent “Report on Italian e-commerce 2024” by the Idealo platform highlights the resilience and competitiveness of the e-commerce sector in Italy, even in the face of economic challenges like inflation and the energy crisis. Despite rising consumer prices by an average of 5.7% compared to the previous year, with significant growth in the food sector, nearly half of consumers (47%) use price comparisons to access detailed product information, while a similar percentage (46%) search for special offers and discounts.

The report also notes a growing interest in the second-hand market, particularly in the electronics sector, with a 4% increase in interest compared to the previous year. Online shopping preferences vary by age group, with electronics being more popular among 45-55 year olds and fashion and accessories among 25-34 year olds.

The analysis from Idealo shows that 85% of digital users make at least one online purchase per month, with 24% making weekly purchases. This data provides valuable insights for online retailers, helping them plan more effective sales strategies and utilize price comparison platforms to reach a wider audience. The report underscores the evolving trends in Italian e-commerce and the importance of adapting to meet the changing preferences of consumers.


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