Transfer Portal Beckons Drake Basketball’s Tucker DeVries

Drake Basketball Faces Departure of Key Player Tucker DeVries: What’s Next for the Team?

Darian DeVries, the former Bulldogs coach, recently revealed that his son Tucker had been dealing with a shoulder injury for most of the season, which required surgery. Despite this, Tucker continued to play and contribute to the team’s success. However, he has now entered the transfer portal, signaling a significant departure from Drake basketball.

Tucker DeVries had a tremendous impact on Drake during his time as a true freshman and continued to excel throughout his junior season. He averaged impressive statistics and helped lead Drake to several victories, including two Missouri Valley Conference tournament championships and appearances in the NCAA Tournament. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Tucker, but it seems likely that he will join his father at West Virginia, although this move has not yet been confirmed.

Darian DeVries’ departure from Drake may signal other players entering the transfer portal following his announcement that he will be joining West Virginia as the head basketball coach. Darian DeVries had a successful tenure at Drake, with multiple conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances during his time with the team. The future of Drake basketball is uncertain as the program looks to move forward without some key players and coaching staff.


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