The recently imposed Canadian arms embargo on Israel is already being doubted

Defense Exports to Israel on Hold: Canadian Government Cites Human Rights Concerns, Defense Industries Seek Clarity

The Canadian government has recently decided to halt defense exports to Israel due to concerns over human rights violations in the Gaza Strip. This decision has left local defense industries feeling confused and seeking clarity from the administration, as Israel is a significant destination for Canadian defense exports.

In 2022, Canada was the second-largest export destination for Israeli defense products after the USA. Defense companies in Canada are urging the government to provide details on any changes to export policies so that they can comply with new regulations. In 2022, Canada issued 315 export permits to Israel worth around 21 million Canadian dollars.

Recent scrutiny of Israel’s defense imports has been focused on Italy suspending defense exports to Israel despite close ties between its leaders and Israel. Although most of Israel’s defense imports come from the USA, other countries such as Germany and Canada also play a role in supplying defense products to Israel.

The fluctuating relationships between Israel and its key defense suppliers are being closely monitored, especially in light of recent geopolitical tensions. The Defense Industries Association of Canada and other stakeholders in the industry are closely watching how these developments will impact global arms trade and the procurement landscape.


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