Building an Empire: The Woman Behind ‘The Rock’s’ Brands – Dany Garcia, Owner of UFL

Dany Garcia: From Sports Leagues to Hollywood’s Elite – A Look at Her Diverse Business Empire and Future Endeavors

Dany Garcia, the Chairwoman of the Garcia Companies, sat down with Ed Ludlow of Bloomberg Technology to discuss her diverse business ventures and her future endeavors. During the interview, Garcia shared insights into the management of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s various brands, including Teremana, ZOA Energy, and Seven Bucks Productions. She emphasized the importance of utilizing social media partnerships within these companies to reach a wider audience and strengthen their presence in the market.

In addition to her work with Johnson’s brands, Garcia made headlines as the first female owner of a sports league. She oversaw the merger between XFL and USFL to create the UFL, a professional American football minor league supported by RedBird and Fox. This groundbreaking move further solidified her reputation as a successful businesswoman with a keen eye for innovation and strategic partnerships.

Garcia’s forward-thinking approach and ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and sports industries have positioned her as a prominent figure in the business world. Her potential future endeavors remain uncertain but one thing is clear – she has many eagerly awaiting her next move.

The conversation shed light on the power of collaboration, creativity, and determination in achieving success and making a lasting impact on the industry. With so much knowledge shared during this interview, it was clear that Garcia is not only an accomplished businesswoman but also an inspiration for those looking to make their mark in this fast-paced industry.


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