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Dancing to a Healthier Beat: UNT Health Science Center Study Reveals Bone Health Concerns in Ballet Dancers

The Performing Arts Medicine Clinic at UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth is currently studying the impact of sacrifices made by ballet dancers on their health, with a particular focus on their bone health. Dr. Yein Lee, director of the UNT Health Science Center Performing Arts Medicine Fellowship, has observed an alarming prevalence of stress injuries and fractures among dancers they have treated.

Former competitive dancer and Performing Arts Medicine Fellow Dr. Stephen Fung took notice of this trend during his fellowship and launched a study to identify risk factors and potential solutions. He emphasized the importance of focusing on women due to biological differences between men and women. Female ballet dancers are traditionally expected to be strong but not overly muscular, which can lead to body image issues, eating disorders, and calorie restrictions, especially at the pre-professional stage.

Bethany Bailey, a dance student and teacher at TCU, has been involved in ballet since she was three years old. She highlighted the prevalence of eating disorders in the dance world and the efforts many departments are making to combat these issues. Dr. Lee mentioned a cultural shift within the dance community towards prioritizing health and wellness for dancers and providing support to ensure they can enjoy their passion in a healthy way.

One research goal is to develop a self-assessment checklist that female ballet dancers can use to evaluate their risk factors for bone injuries and stress fractures. This tool could also be beneficial for female athletes in general as they pursue their passions while maintaining their health. Ultimately, the aim of this research is to keep dancers healthy so they can continue doing what they love while promoting overall well-being.

The researchers at UNT Health Science Center are working hard to understand the impact that dedication and sacrifice can have on the health of dancers, particularly their bone health. Through their studies, they hope to provide valuable insights that will help female ballet dancers stay healthy while pursuing their passion for dance.

Dr Stephen Fung’s study identified several risk factors for stress injuries and fractures among female ballet dancers such as high levels of physical training intensity, poor nutrition habits, lack of rest time or recovery periods between performances.

Bethany Bailey pointed out that body image issues often arise from societal pressure on female athletes to maintain an ideal weight or appearance standards which could lead them to develop disordered eating behaviors such as restrictive anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Dr Lee highlighted that it is crucial for dance departments across schools or institutions worldwide to create safe spaces where young girls can express themselves without fear of criticism or judgment based on physical appearance or abilities.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are several factors that contribute to stress injuries and fractures among female ballet dancers such as intense physical training schedules, poor nutrition habits, lack of rest time or recovery periods between performances.

However, it is essential not only to address these physical risks but also mental health concerns like body image issues which could lead them down dangerous paths towards developing disordered eating behaviors.

Overall, this study provides valuable insights into how we can promote a healthy culture within dance communities where young girls feel empowered enough


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