Alumnus Albritton from BHS Panthers takes charge of MSU construction science project – Daily Leader

Collaborative Studio: Building a Cultural Campus with Precast Concrete and Hands-On Learning

Jonathan Allbritton, a former BHS Panther and current building construction science major from Bogue Chitto, recently led a team of students from Mississippi State University in a construction science project. As Construction Manager, Allbritton and his team worked on creating a master plan for a hypothetical cultural campus and designing a freestanding museum for the university.

The Collaborative Studio is funded by the PCI Foundation and focuses on using precast concrete for structure and cladding in museum designs. This is the fourth year that the studio has received support from the PCI Foundation, providing students and faculty with valuable experiences in working with precast concrete and understanding the importance of collaboration between different professionals in the construction industry.

Each team in the Collaborative Studio was made up of building construction science students serving as construction managers and architecture majors in various roles such as project managers, architects, and project designers. The project involved creating a hypothetical cultural campus near The Mill Conference Center, with a museum to house the university’s collections from various existing museums and galleries. The new Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library would also be part of the cultural campus.

Throughout this hands-on experience, students gained insight into the design and construction process and the importance of collaboration in creating successful projects. They presented their work to professors and hypothetical clients as part of the project, showcasing their design ideas and construction plans for the cultural campus and museum.


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