London accuses China of cyberattacks

China accused of cyber attacks on democratic institutions and parliamentarians in Great Britain: A threat to security and democracy?

The Chinese government has been accused by the British government of carrying out two major cyber attacks on democratic institutions and parliamentarians in Great Britain. Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden made this claim in the House of Commons in London, stating that actors linked to the Chinese state were responsible for the attacks. This pattern of hostile behavior from China is a cause for concern.

Two individuals associated with a group known as APT 31 have been sanctioned in connection with these cyber attacks. It is believed that this group, which is linked to the Chinese state, targeted British parliamentarians in espionage activities in 2021, although these efforts were thwarted. In addition, the British Electoral Commission was also a target of a complex cyber attack in 2021 and 2022, but the attack was unsuccessful.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has described this situation as an “epochal challenge” when it comes to dealing with China. However, China has denied these allegations and stated that they are actually victims of cyber attacks themselves. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized the complexity and sensitivity of investigating cyber attacks, calling for objective evidence rather than baseless accusations against other countries. The Chinese government hopes to put an end to the spread of false information regarding these incidents.


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