Andy Reid backs new kickoff rule and is optimistic about its approval.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Supports Revolutionary NFL Kickoff Rule: Could it Reduce Injuries and Increase Excitement?

The Competition Committee has presented a radical change to NFL kickoffs that has received support from one of the league’s top coaches, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Speaking at a league meeting, Reid expressed his favor for the low-impact kickoff rule similar to what has been tried in the XFL. He mentioned that he finds the idea interesting and exciting and is in support of it.

The proposed rule would see 10 players on each team line up only five yards apart during kickoffs. The goal is to reduce injuries while increasing excitement during the game. Whether the rule will receive the necessary 24 “yes” votes to pass is still uncertain, but it seems that the Chiefs will be voting in favor of it.

Overall, the prospects of the new kickoff rule have garnered positive feedback from Reid and other league members. It remains to be seen how this change will impact the game if it receives enough support to be implemented in the NFL.


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