Owner says Cadbury’s Bournville plant continues to be the cornerstone of the business

Cadbury Celebrates 200th Anniversary: Reiterating its Commitment to the UK and Bournville

In 2012, Bournville became the Global Centre of Excellence for chocolate research and development under Mondelez International, which acquired Cadbury from American firm Kraft. Despite facing challenges in the past, including a hostile takeover by Kraft in 2010, Cadbury has remained a staple in the UK. The factory’s importance was emphasized by Louise Stigant, the managing director of Cadbury, who described it as the “Crown Jewels” of the brand. She expressed pride in being able to celebrate Cadbury’s 200th anniversary and reiterated the company’s commitment to maintaining Bournville as its “home and heart.” Despite some job losses and production being moved to Poland in following years, Stigant highlighted that Cadbury has invested significantly in the UK business since taking over 14 years ago with over £270m invested.


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