Is the Commanders’ roster in 2024 a display of athleticism?

Bringing Athleticism and Skill to the Field: Washington Commanders’ Quest for Balance

Jayden Daniels, the Washington Commanders’ quarterback for the 2024 season, is expected to bring a unique blend of athleticism and skill to the team. Comparisons have been made between him and Lamar Jackson due to his impressive running abilities, but Daniels is also considered an advanced passer compared to Jackson when he first entered the league in 2018.

However, the question remains about the overall athleticism of the rest of the Commanders’ roster. According to Kent Lee Platte, who created the Relative Athletic Score (RAS) metric that measures player athleticism, Washington has a roster that ranks 20th in terms of athleticism with an average RAS of 7.29 in 2024. This ranking is based on their performance in various physical events during training camp.

Interestingly, Washington had the highest RAS from the 2024 NFL draft, with an average of 9.427. New general manager Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn were responsible for drafting this highly athletic class. It appears that they are focused on building a team full of elite athletes, as evidenced by their emphasis on athleticism during the drafting process.

While Washington may have had a highly athletic draft class, their overall roster still ranks 20th in terms of athleticism according to Platte’s RAS metric. This suggests that Washington has been focusing on building a team of skilled football players who are also high-level athletes rather than just bringing in elite athletes without much football experience. In recent years, Washington has struggled with both aspects, lacking enough elite athletes and skilled football players on the field. However, Peters and Quinn seem determined to change this narrative moving forward by prioritizing both skill and athleticism in their player selection process


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