Israel’s Health System Ranks at the Bottom of OECD Countries: A Troubling Report

Bridging the Gap: Israel’s Quest for Quality Healthcare with New Hospital Bed Additions

In 2022, Israel had a rate of 2.1 beds per thousand people in general wards, which is below the average of 2.4 in developed countries. The report reveals that Israel ranks fourth from the bottom in the table, with South Korea having the highest rate of 7.3 hospital beds per thousand inhabitants. Germany follows closely behind with 5.8 beds per thousand people, which is considered one of the best health systems in the world.

The rate of psychiatric hospitalization beds in Israel is even lower at 0.3 beds per thousand people, with Korea and Belgium leading the list at 1.3 beds per thousand. The OECD average in this area is 0.1 beds per thousand people. In rehabilitation departments, Israel also lags behind with 0.3 hospital beds per thousand people, below the OECD average of 0.5 beds per thousand people.

According to the Ministry of Health, an additional 1,790 hospital beds are expected to be added in the next five years, bringing the total number of general hospital beds in Israel to around 17,500. The Ministry also plans to add 300 beds in rehabilitation departments and open new centers in Jerusalem and the north, as well as adding another 245 psychiatric wards beds to meet growing demand for medical services for all residents of Israel.

Minister of Health Uriel Bosso emphasized these additions as part of ongoing efforts to improve the health system and ensure that all residents have access to high-quality care at affordable prices.

Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov highlighted that more funding is needed to enhance medical services for all residents of Israel and increase accessibility and quality of care across all departments.

In conclusion, while there are challenges ahead for improving healthcare services in Israel, these significant investments will help bridge some gaps and bring healthcare standards up to par with other developed countries.


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