Wednesday football will not become a regular occurrence, says Roger Goodell

Breaking Traditions: The NFL’s Doubleheader on Christmas Day in 2024

The NFL has announced that it will play a doubleheader on Christmas Day in 2024, breaking its previous policy of not scheduling games on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that this decision was made to take advantage of the holiday season and increase revenue. However, he also noted that playing on Wednesdays will not be a regular occurrence and will only happen when Christmas falls on that day.

The league’s decision to play games on less traditional days like Wednesdays highlights its willingness to adapt to new opportunities for revenue generation. Despite concerns about player safety in Thursday night games, the NFL has shown that it values financial gain over potential risks. This flexibility in scheduling games demonstrates the league’s commitment to innovation and creativity in shaping its decisions.

Last year, the NFL made a significant change in its policy regarding Sunday-Thursday turnarounds, allowing teams to play with only three full days between games. This change opened up new possibilities for scheduling games on different days of the week, further highlighting the league’s focus on revenue generation. Ultimately, the desire for increased revenue continues to drive innovation and creativity in the NFL’s scheduling strategies.


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