Write your anger down and then tear it up

Breaking the Anger Barrier: The Science Behind Japanese Traditional Festival and Study Finds Effective Anger Management Technique

In Japan, anger management techniques are often compared to the Hakidashisara festival, where individuals are allowed to break small discs when they feel emotional. A study conducted at Nagoya University in Japan explored the effectiveness of expressing and then destroying written thoughts as a way to manage anger. The researchers were surprised to find that anger almost completely disappeared when the paper containing the emotions was destroyed. This study shed light on the cultural tradition of Hakidashisara, where people smash small discs to symbolize things that make them angry.

The participants in the study were asked to write down their feelings after receiving hurtful comments and then either discard the paper, keep it in a file, or destroy it using a shredder. Those who destroyed the paper reported a significant decrease in their level of anger compared to those who kept the paper. This technique could potentially be useful for entrepreneurs experiencing stress or individuals looking for effective anger management strategies.

Research has shown that there is a connection between written text and mood, suggesting that interacting with physical objects can help control anger. This study highlights the potential benefits of expressing and then destroying written emotions as a way to manage anger effectively. It provides valuable insights into an anger management technique that may be particularly useful for individuals experiencing stress or anger.

Overall, the study conducted at Nagoya University in Japan provides valuable insights into an effective anger management technique that is grounded in cultural context. The tradition of Hakidashisara, where people break small discs to symbolize their anger, demonstrates how physically expressing and releasing emotions can help control negative emotions.


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