NFL considering expanding rules for mandatory preseason participation in Hard Knocks

Breaking News: NFL’s Hard Knocks Series May Get a Fresh Addition of Teams in Future Seasons

The NFL’s Hard Knocks series is a popular show that takes viewers behind the scenes of football teams during preseason. The league office is currently considering expanding the pool of teams that can be selected for the show, and if this proposal is approved, it could lead to more teams being chosen in the future. Currently, teams with first-year head coaches, those that have made the playoffs in the past two seasons, and those that have done the show in the last 10 years are exempt from being chosen. However, under the new proposal, teams with first-year head coaches, those that have done the show in the past eight years, and those participating in the in-season version of Hard Knocks in either this or next season will no longer be exempt. The exemption based on playoff appearances will also be eliminated.

Last year, only four teams were potential candidates for Hard Knocks: Jets, Commanders, Bears, and Saints. Despite not wanting to participate, the Jets were chosen for the series. This was a first as it marked the first time a team did not volunteer for Hard Knocks. If this proposal is passed, it could become more common in future seasons as more teams become eligible to participate. On Tuesday, team owners will vote on whether or not to approve this expansion of eligibility criteria for Hard Knocks.


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