Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to resign by the end of the year

Boeing CEO’s departure marks a turning point for the company, as it strives to emerge stronger after 737 Max crisis

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun is set to step down at the end of 2024, amidst the company’s ongoing recovery from the 737 Max crisis. In a letter to employees, Calhoun referenced a recent incident involving Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 as a turning point for Boeing. He emphasized the need for transparency, commitment to safety, and quality at every level of the company. Despite current challenges, Calhoun expressed confidence that Boeing will emerge from this period as a stronger company, building upon the lessons learned from its recent efforts to rebuild.

In addition to Calhoun, Boeing is making changes to its management team in an effort to improve its reputation. Stan Deal, the chief of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), will also be stepping down immediately. He will be replaced by Stephanie Pope, who has been serving as the chief operating officer and overseeing the performance of Boeing’s business units. Independent Board Chair Larry Kellner is also resigning and will be succeeded by Steve Mollenkopf, a Boeing director since 2020.

Boeing continues to face ongoing pressure from regulators for addressing quality issues discovered in an audit of its 737 Max manufacturing processes. As the company navigates these challenges, the new leadership team will play a crucial role in guiding Boeing through this period of transition and rebuilding. With these changes in place, it is hoped that Boeing can overcome its past mistakes and move forward into a brighter future with renewed focus on safety and quality in all aspects of their operations.


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