Giant Bottle of Au Vodka Makes History, Breaks Guinness World Record

Au Vodka Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Bottle of Vodka and Takes Influencer Marketing to New Heights

Au Vodka, a British spirits brand, has made history by breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest bottle of vodka ever created. The impressive golden bottle stands at 2.1 meters tall and can hold an astonishing 250 liters of vodka. Currently on display at Stansted Airport until June 24th, the eye-catching creation is drawing attention from all who pass by.

The colossal bottle serves as a symbol of Au Vodka’s scale and their ambition to make a mark in the global vodka industry. In a statement from Au Vodka’s managing director, Charlie Morgan, he shared that their goal was to bring something unique to the drinks market that would go beyond traditional advertising. This bold move is just one example of Au Vodka’s commitment to standing out from the crowd.

Au Vodka is making waves in both the spirits industry and the world of influencers, backed by supporters like DJ Charlie Sloth. The giant bottle is also up for auction, with the starting bid set at £150,000. With a standard 700ml bottle of Au Vodka’s original spirit priced at £34.99, this massive bottle is considerably more expensive, around 4,287 times the cost due to its massive size.

Despite its impressive size, the Au Vodka bottle is still smaller than the world’s largest whisky bottle, which fetched over £1 million at auction. With their innovative marketing strategies and dedication to making a statement, Au Vodka continues to set themselves apart as a standout brand in the spirits industry.


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