Experienced Caregiver Launches Errand Services Business Catering to Seniors

Assisting Seniors: Marian Bernstorf’s Errands 4 Elders & You Offers Comprehensive In-Home Services

Marian Bernstorf, a former CNA with 30 years of experience, started an in-home services business called Errands 4 Elders & You in 2012. Her passion for assisting seniors led her to offer a variety of services such as grocery shopping, driving clients to doctor appointments, cooking, visiting family members, and providing personal care. Additionally, seasonal services like spring cleaning and assistance with decluttering and organizing can be arranged through her business.

Bernstorf is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of her clients and offers references upon request for potential customers interested in utilizing her services. Those seeking more information can visit Errands 4 Elders & You on Facebook or call 563-249-8518 to learn more about the services offered. Copyright 2024 KWQC. All rights reserved.


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