Ardonagh Specialty Renames Reinsurance Division to ‘Price Forbes Re’

Ardonagh Specialty Simplifies Branding, Renames Reinsurance Business as Price Forbes Re

Ardonagh Specialty, a holding company and growth platform for independent brokers in the wholesale, specialty, and reinsurance sectors, has announced the renaming of its reinsurance business as Price Forbes Re. This decision comes as part of the company’s efforts to simplify its multiple brands in 2023, with Price Forbes being established as the main brand for its wholesale business. Inver Re in London and Bermuda, as well as Equinox Re in the US, will now operate under the Price Forbes Re name.

Inver Re was launched in June 2021 after bringing together multiple teams following the acquisition of BGC’s insurance business in November 2021. The company has expanded its operations across Bermuda, the US, and London and is now the largest independent broker in Bermuda. Chris Bonard has been appointed as the president of Price Forbes Re, reporting to Ardonagh Specialty CEO Andrew Wallin pending regulatory approval.

According to Wallin, Price Forbes Re aims to build on over 100 years of specialist insurance broking by creating a reinsurance specialist business that is energetic, entrepreneurial, progressive, and bold. The company will focus on effective and strategic risk management, partnering with clients globally to understand and balance current risks and plan for the future. Price Forbes Re plans to break from traditional reinsurance models and provide the agility needed in today’s rapidly changing world.

Ardonagh Specialty serves as a holding company and growth platform for independent brokers in various sectors of the insurance industry. As a subsidiary of Ardonagh Group – a UK-based independent insurance distribution platform and top 20 global broker – Ardonagh Specialty is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence within this rapidly evolving sector.


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