Arizona’s Health Services Department Successfully Retains National Accreditation

ADHS Maintains National Accreditation Status, Reaffirms Dedication to Exceptional Public Health Practices in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has been able to maintain its national accreditation status through the Public Health Accreditation Board. This accreditation is a result of ADHS being evaluated against a comprehensive set of national standards, ensuring that the department continues to evolve, improve, and advance public health practices in the communities it serves.

ADHS Executive Deputy Director, Jennie Cunico, expressed her pride in this achievement and stated that this reaccreditation is a testament to their commitment to exceptional standards throughout Arizona. She also mentioned that ADHS is honored to continue holding this status alongside health departments in Maricopa, Mohave, Pima, and Yavapai counties, as well as the Pascua Yaqui Health Services Division.

Maintaining this national accreditation allows ADHS to ensure that they are meeting the highest standards in public health and providing quality services to the communities they serve. This reaffirms their dedication to providing top-notch healthcare and public health services to all residents of Arizona.


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