Aaron Rodgers will face fines from the Jets for skipping minicamp without excuse

Aaron Rodgers’ Absence at Jets Mandatory Minicamp: Fine and Confusion Surrounding the Situation

Aaron Rodgers was noticeably absent on the first day of the Jets’ mandatory minicamp, prompting the team to fine him for not showing up. The Jets considered his absence unexcused, and according to a source familiar with the situation, he will be fined for it. The fine for missing the first day of mandatory minicamp under the CBA is $16,953, which is a small amount for Rodgers but sends a clear message.

The ambiguity regarding whether the Jets had the discretion to excuse Rodgers’ absence remains unclear. The CBA specifically mentions “unexcused” absences, suggesting that absences can be excused. However, it also states that discipline must be imposed uniformly on all players for the same offense. If the Jets excused Rodgers, it could set a precedent that would apply to other players as well.

If Rodgers’ absence was expected for weeks, the situation could have been handled differently. The Jets could have disclosed or leaked that information beforehand, lessening the surprise of his sudden absence on Tuesday. Despite this, the Jets did not excuse Rodgers’ absence and will be imposing a fine. It will be interesting to hear Rodgers’ response when he returns to practice or in any other forum where he feels comfortable speaking openly about his decision-making process and why he decided not to attend mandatory minicamp on Day 1.


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