Fifteen Thousand Members to Share Remainder After Liquidation of Israel’s Largest Cooperative

A New Dawn for Coop Israel: Finalizing Largest Consumer Cooperative in Israeli History, Distributing Millions in Funds to Members

In 1950, Coop Israel was registered in Jerusalem as the largest consumer cooperative in Israel’s history. However, after years of operation, the cooperative is coming to an end. Over the past five years, debts have been repaid and the cooperative’s coffers now hold 23 million shekels. This remaining amount will be divided equally among all 15,403 members of the cooperative, with a 15% tax deduction.

Starting on March 26, members will be able to go to an Israel Post office, present the necessary documents, and receive approximately 1,400 shekels (gross) from the remaining amount after the liquidation of the cooperative and debt repayment. Members with questions or in need of more information can contact the hotline at 03-6555700.


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