Tracking the Transfer Portal Activity for JMU Women’s Basketball in 2024 – Stay Informed with JMU Sports News

2024 Women’s Basketball Transfer Portal Tracker: Updates on JMU Dukes’ Roster Changes – Presented by Three Notch’d Brewing

The 2024 Women’s Basketball Transfer Portal Tracker is now available, bringing fans up to date on the latest roster changes for the JMU Dukes. Presented by Three Notch’d Brewing, the tracker highlights both new additions and departures for the team.

While the team is not expected to see significant changes, there have already been some notable shifts in the roster. Ro Scott from Marshall has joined the team as a guard with scoring leadership. With one year of eligibility remaining, she brings offensive firepower to the Dukes.

On the departure side, point guard Chloe Sterling has left the team after a promising showing in the 2023-24 season. She led the team in assists and displayed scoring potential, leaving fans hoping she would stay to develop further. Despite her potential to become an All-Conference player at the mid-major level, Sterling leaves a gap in the roster that will need to be filled.


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