John Lynch: The defensive line underwent strategic changes this offseason

2024 San Francisco 49ers Defense: Rebuilding for Success with Key Offseason Acquisitions and Departures

In 2024, the San Francisco 49ers are set to have an even stronger defense, thanks in part to their offseason restructuring of the defensive line. General Manager John Lynch discussed the team’s strategy for rebuilding their front on Monday. After their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Lynch felt that the group needed a shakeup.

The team made several key moves during the offseason to improve their defensive line. They signed Leonard Floyd, Yetur Gross-Matos, and Jordan Elliott as free agents, and also acquired Maliek Collins through a trade. Both Floyd and Gross-Matos were signed to two-year deals, a departure from the team’s usual approach.

Lynch expressed confidence in the new additions, highlighting Floyd’s experience and presence opposite Nick Bosa, as well as Gross-Matos’s potential as a player they were excited about. With the inclusion of Elliott and Collins on the inside, Lynch stated that the team successfully reworked their defensive line for the upcoming season.

The restructuring of the defensive line meant parting ways with some previous contributors, including longtime player Arik Armstead. The team is hopeful that the changes made during the offseason will result in a stronger and more effective front in 2024.


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